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Compute! Magazine Issue 129

Published May 1991

Compute! Issue 129 - May 1991. Altered Destiny (computer game) (evaluation) - Answers to questions about medicine and health (column) - Astronomy Lab (educational software) (evaluation) - Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess (computer game) (evaluation) - Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challenge (computer game) (evaluation) - Black Gold (computer game) (evaluation) - Blades of Steel (computer game) (evaluation) - BlueMAX (PS2 memory manager) (evaluation) - Buy a 386XS and save a bundle (microcomputers) (column) - Byte by byte: consuming files (column) - Career Design (software) (evaluation) - Computing in the other Europe (Eastern Europe) - Countdown (computer game) (evaluation) - Crosstalk Communicator (telecommunication software) (evaluation) - Designer (graphics software) (evaluation) - Dr DOS (software) (evaluation) - Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (computer game) (evaluation) - Eclin Connect (telecommunication software) (evaluation) - Faces, fonts, and points (laser printers) - Galleons of Glory (computer game) (evaluation) - Get control over games (computer games) (column) - How to choose a hard disk: choosing a hard disk can be tricky (computer data storage) - Hoyle's Official Book of Games (computer game) (evaluation) - In harm's way (computer game simulation of the World War II Convoy PQ-17) - Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road (computer game) (evaluation) - James Bond: The STEALTH Affair (computer game) (evaluation) - Joe Montana Football (computer game) (evaluation) - LabelPro (mail label software) (evaluation) - Laser Pal 286 (evaluation) - Legacy (word processing software) (evaluation) - Les Manley In: Search for the King (computer game) (evaluation) - Links: The Challenge of Golf (computer game) (evaluation) - Making book on new markets (desktop publishing) (column) - Mickey's Crossword Puzzle Maker (computer game) (evaluation) - Milliken Storyteller Master Package (educational software) (evaluation) - Monologue (text to natural language software) (evaluation) - Packard Bell PB286NB Notebook (evaluation) - Pictionary (computer game) (evaluation) - Plumbing the depths of DOS with pipes and filters (column) - Professor DOS (educational software) (evaluation) - Rad CAD: CAD has helped build our bridges and fly us to the moon (computer-aided design) - Sanyo MBC-17NB personal computer (evaluation) - SimCity Graphics (computer game) (evaluation) - Spellcasting 101 (computer game) (evaluation) - Star Control (computer game) (evaluation) - State Of Computing: Europe - Stellar 7 (computer game) (evaluation) - Stunt Driver (computer game) (evaluation) - Stunts (computer game) (evaluation) - Sun Moon Star 386SX (evaluation) - Takin' Care of Business (software) (evaluation) - Tandy 1000 RL/HD (microcomputers) (evaluation) - The essential home office toolbox (home office equipment) - The manager's organizer (personal information manager) (evaluation) - The Savage Empire (computer game) (evaluation) - Toolbook proves objects make sense (ToolBook for Windows) (objected-oriented programming) (column) - Treasure Trap (computer game) (evaluation) - Veridata LapPower 286/40 (laptop computer) (evaluation) - Waiting, waiting, waiting on Windows (computer graphical interface) (column) - Wealth Starter (software) (evaluation) - Weird Dreams (computer game) (evaluation) - Your PC is your ticket to Mars (fractal landscape simulation) (column) - Zeos Notebook 286 (laptop computer) (evaluation)

Year 1991
Language English
Collection compute-magazine; computermagazines


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